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I feel bad for Bishop (and Gudlevskis.)

Bishop suffered a dislocated elbow which sidelined him in round one. Said he was hoping for game 5 or 6.

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you love the bruins right?

i literally dont even know what could have possibly given you that idea

t h e p l a y o f f m i x - A mix of rap and classic rock hype up songs. Lets grind these bitches down here, eh? [listen here]

01. black and yellow - wiz khalifa // 02. goldie - a$ap rocky // 03. animals - martin garrix // days in the east - drake // 05. shot me down - david guetta ft. skylar grey // 06. loyal (west coast version) - chris brown ft. lil wayne and tyga // 07. i won - future ft. kanye west // heroes - david bowie // 09. beez in the trap - nicki minaj ft. 2 chainz // 10. bonfire - childish gambino // 11. your fucking head split - necro // 12. run this town - jay z ft. rihanna //

disclaimer: this mix is highly explicit, listen with caution

"When I was a kid my dad used to stop me before I went out the door everyday to school and he would say ‘don’t forget your smile.’ No matter if I was late or sleepy or grouchy or whatever or sometimes happy he would always say ‘don’t forget your smile’ so that’s kinda something I try to live by, and it worked well for me.”

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*puts pittsburgh penguins between teeth”

“It’s a metaphor, see: You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.”

freaks and geeks is the most important show that has ever aired on tv 


What do you do while in Chicago for the playoffs? Steve Ott, best dad ever.

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Erik Karlsson + ABBA’s Dancing Queen =  day made :)


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u do not know pain unless ur a leafs, canucks, and oilers fan